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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Support the Congress Party?


                                                                                       Why Support the Congress Party?

  Managing a nation is about both leadership and values. The strength of the Congress party, and its ability to       create a new future for Indians and poor, young and old, urban and rural, and for its men and women, lies in the extraordinary qualities of both its leaders and the values that it espouses.
                                                  Our leaders have had the ability to see the future. Whether it was Jawaharlal Nehru, who had a vision of an Independent India or the young Rajiv Gandhi who had a dream of a 21st century India, this is a party that has always had leaders with ability too see the future. Their greatness lay in the fact that, beyond merely crafting a vision, each of these leaders had the ability to manage the process of driving the country so that it was able to translate their vision in to a shared reality.
                                                    Today every Indian can say with pride that the India he\she is living in today is the result of the dreams and implementation capabilities of a host of great Congress leaders, who created modern India over the last 50 years of independence. The vision of a 21 century where a powerful and prosperous, peaceful and progressive united India, will be among the great global powers, is what drives the Congress party even today. We have the blueprint that works. It is one that has already had several elements put in to practice. Yes, a few years may have been lost in the interim, but today we stand once again poised to translate the next elements in that vision into glorious future for a powerful and resurgent India.
                                                 Values, that are an integral part of the Indian civilization and ethos, must always be part and parcel of leadership that can bind a country together. The divisive forces that we have been witness to in the last few years have the potential of tearing asunder the fabric of our nation. Parties that merely attempt to focus on growth and do not worry or even share concerns about the social consequences of change, tend to damage the values that have built this nation into one coherent whole.

                                     The ideology for tomorrow that the Congress party espouses, includes  both values that bind and growth patterns that work. This is the tomorrow from the party of tomorrow. Join us now in this endeavor.

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